The primary purpose of our club is to promote “catch and release” and the conservation of the muskie fishery. Our membership includes a broad range of experience from the novice angler to the veteran muskie hunter. We look forward to sharing this wide range of experience and knowledge with the new members. We also support projects with the Ministry of Natural Resources that promote the development of the muskie fishery.


The hats and shirts are complete!!! The shirts are retailing for $20.00, and the hats will be valued at $15.00. Samples can be viewed by following the links below. Also, custom Muskies Canada die-cut decals will be available by request. Click the link below to view a sample. The decals are 20 inches long; great for tackle boxes, vehicle windows, your boat, etc.


Chapter meetings are held at 8:00PM on the FIRST Wednesday of each month at the Pioneer Sportsmen Club located at 211 Pioneer Tower Rd. in Kitchener Ontario.

Pioneer Sportsmen Club,
211 Pioneer Tower Rd. Kitchener, ON


Upcoming Meetings and Events