Odyssey Schedule

Panel 1 Women & Muskies: 10.00 am – 10.50 am

Chaired by Yvonne Brown, Ontario Women Anglers

This panel brings women Muskie fanatics together to talk about their experiences and challenges in targeting Muskellunge. This innovative session will feature some great women anglers and guides that are expanding the industry. Don’t miss Lisa Goodier, Alyssa (AJ) Lloyd. Megan McGregor and Yvonne brown for this lively session. 


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Panel 2 New Directions in Muskie Fishing: 11.00 am – 11.50 am

Muskies Canada has been growing for over 40 years. Are young people moving ahead to lead the community? How is social media changing how we connect? How is everyone changing to keep up with advances in tactics, technology and trends and to explore new opportunities? Join us for this very interesting session featuring The Musky Boys’ Fred Bowen, Shimano pro-staffer Megan McGregor, LSC Guide Kyle Moxon, and Lawrence Gunther of Blue Fish Canada.  

Panel 3 Muskies on the Fly: 12.00 pm – 12.50 pm

Chaired by Jason Newell, Predator Fly Company

Even if you’ve never fly-fished for Muskies, you are going to love this session. This is one of the hottest new ways to hook up with our favourite species.  Films of incredible Muskie action on-the-fly will wet your appetite. Learn the secrets from some of featuring Canada’s hottest fly-fishers for Muskies. Join Marlon Prince, Dan Lougheed, Chris Pfohl, Michael McNaught and Ken Collins for this exciting session.

Learning Session Muskies 101 1.00 pm – 1.50 pm

Brent Bochek, guide, FishNV, & pro-staff, Abu Garcia

It’s always good to review the basics of Muskie fishing. Brent will be back again this year to lead this review of what you need to know to handle and release big fish and improve your results.

Learning Session Advanced Muskie Fishing: 2.00 pm – 2.50 pm

John Anderson. Guide, Ottawa River Muskie Factory and pro-staff, Shimano

In this session, John will talk about the challenges of Muskie fishing and how to fine-tune your approach with strategies for success.

Panel – Big Fish Panel: 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Chaired by Peter Levick, Muskies Canada

This ever-popular session will bring together some of our best guides and baitmakers for a discussion about their passion for chasing giants. This session will include Johnny Dadson, Andy Pappas, John Anderson, Marc Arena, and Johnny Lubera.

Learning Sessions Fly Fishing Workshops: throughout the day

Fly-fishing for Muskies may be the ultimate big game challenge. Come see our experts share their knowledge and tips on how to succeed “On The Fly”. These workshops will be held by some of Canada’s top fly0fisihing experts: Dan Lougheed, Marlon Prince, Chris Pfohl, Ken Collins and host Jason Newell. 

Shimano is proud sponsor of the 2020 Muskie Odyssey