Muskie Odyssey

March 12 2020

Muskies Canada Inc. (MCI) has been monitoring the developing Covid-19 situation for a while now and … it’s not good.
After a lot of debate and deliberation, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the Odyssey this year. 
It goes without saying that we were all very disappointed to have to take this action. However, the health of our members has to take precendence over our desire to try and top the success of the 2019 Odyssey.
We will now be working to provide refunds to the vendors who have rented booth space at the show, and we will be issuing a full refund to all those folks who have purchased their tickets online. This may not go as quickly as we would like, but the refunds WILL be done as quickly as possible.
I can also assure you that we will be working to hold an Odyssey in April of 2021. Stay tuned!
With regret
Pete Bostelmann
Muskies Canada Inc.