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Current issue: Summer 2019 – Vol. 42, No. 2

Early Season Muskie Tactics

  • Early Season Muskie Strategy By Chris Nielsen
  • Early Season Muskie Techniques By Brent Bochek
  • Finding Early Season Muskies By Peter Levick
  • My Favorite Bait By Chris Nielsen
  • Muskie Science Columns: Muskies Canada Angler Log Program By Davin Heinbuck
  • Muskellunge Spawning and Post-spawning Movements By Steven J. Kerr


  • Duck Boat Dave: “Ode to the Angler” By Rob MacRae and Jennie-Lou McIntaggart
  • Behind the Scenes of the Odyssey By Peter Levick
  • Social Media Offensive for the Odyssey By Pierre Masson
  • Women and Muskie Fishing By Yvonne Brown
  • Veteran’s fishing weekend By Tyler Duncan and Chris Purdy
  • Muskie Fishing and the Art of Angling By Lawrence Gunther
  • 10 Catch and Release Tips from Blue fish Canada
  • 2019 Conservation Lottery 46 By Tom McCutcheon