(English) Helping Habitat : Bill C-68

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I have been invited to write a regular column on conservation issues related to Muskies and their Habitat.  So my territory overlaps well with the range of Muskies in Canada.

A bit about me first, I work for Ducks Unlimited Canada as the Director of Regional Operations for Eastern Canada.  This means I oversee DUC’s conservation work east of Manitoba. So my territory overlaps well with the range of Muskies in Canada.  I have been a member of Muskies Canada for three years and am yet to catch my first Muskie.  I hope the 2018 is my year. 

I worked with Peter Levick, then president of Muskies Canada to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between Muskies and DUC in 2015.  In this MOU we committed to ongoing collaboration to expand mutual habitat conservation projects that benefit Muskellunge and Waterfowl in eastern Canada.  Given our shared focus on habitat this was the quickest MOU that I have ever developed.  You will have seen in Chris Nielson’s Presidents message, that we are seeing good examples of working together.

Implications of proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act

One of the powerful tools supporting habitat conservation at scale is Federal or Provincial legislation or policy.  These government directions can have significant impacts on habitat and uses of habitat.  The federal fisheries act is a critical act that regulates activities related to fisheries and fish habitat.  As such, it is an important tool in conservation of habitat. 

The fisheries act underwent significant modernization and change in 2012.  Some of these changes reduced the extent of fish habitats protected across Canada.  The Federal government has introduced new amendments to the act (Bill C-68) that will have a significant impact on fish and fish habitat.  Some highlights include:

Before Proposed Amendments

After Proposed Amendments

Not all fish and fish habitat protected; only those related to a commercial, recreational or Aboriginal fishery protected

Protection of all fish and fish habitat

Uncertainty as to when authorizations are required for development projects


Clarity on which types of projects require authorizations through permitting and codes of practice


Lack of transparency regarding authorization decisions for projects; no requirement to publicly release information on these decisions


Requirement to publicly release information on project decisions through an online registry

No provisions to restore degraded habitat as part of development project reviews


Provisions to consider restoration priorities as part of development project reviews


No tools to quickly implement in-season fisheries restrictions to address unforeseen conservation and management issues


Ability to put in place targeted short-term measures to quickly and effectively respond to unforeseen threats to the management of fisheries and to the conservation of fish


 These proposed amendments are important to Muskies Canada for several reasons.  First, the changes strengthen the protection of habitat for muskellunge throughout their lives.  In addition, the proposed amendments will make is easier to know and understand if future development projects are going to impact muskellunge habitat and how developer will compensate for these impacts.  The amendments are more explicit on compensation for destruction of fish habitat.  Muskies Canada has the opportunity to guide compensation for loss of muskellunge habitat.

The act is currently moving thru the parliamentary process and the government is considering the proposed amendments.   MP and Federal Ministers respond to comments from members of grass roots organizations like Muskies Canada.

So it is time to Take Action.

You can have a positive influence on getting Bill C-68 adopted by sending a letter, email or talking to your MP and/or Dominic LeBlanc the Federal Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.  The message is simple you support the positive changes to increase the protection of fish habitat being proposed in Bill C-68.

Here is the complete Bill-C68 submission.

(English) Ducks Unlimited Launches New Invasive Species Resource

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Our partner  Ducks Unlimited Canada just released a great new resource for learning about invasive species that threaten many of our favourite musky waters. to learn more, make sure to check out the link!


Invasive species are changing the land and water we love. They overwhelm habitat, choking out natural wildlife and vegetation. They spread aggressively and hold their ground stubbornly. Winning the fight against an invasive species takes science, engineering and people committed to on-the-ground hard work.

(English) Shimano offers support to Muskellunge fishing on Lake St. Clair

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PETERBOROUGH, Ontario – Canada – For Immediate Release – 2-26-18 — It’s a good day for muskie anglers when natural resource managers from Ontario, Michigan and Ohio all come together to make the fishery better. Combine that with the involvement of volunteers from both Muskies Canada and Muskies, Inc., and now financial support from Shimano’s Canada operations, and targeting these big fish on Lake St. Clair has a positive outlook.

To assist with muskie research efforts on Lake St. Clair, Shimano donated $1,000 to help buy more acoustic radio tags. During ‘Muskie Sunday’ events at the just completed Spring Fishing & Boating Show in Mississauga, Ont., Bob Mahoney (center left) presents the check to Bruce Bauer (far left) with Muskies Canada – Belle River Chapter, Muskies Canada vice president Kurt Milligan (center right), and Jim Herod (far right), education director for Muskies Canada.

During ‘Muskie Sunday’ events at the just completed Spring Fishing & Boat Show, Canada’s largest outdoor show at The International Center in Mississauga, Ont., Shimano added to the day with a $1,000 donation to support the Lake St. Clair muskellunge tracking project. “We wanted to step up after seeing how the DNR fishery experts in both Michigan and Ohio, and our Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have teamed up on this project,” said Bob Mahoney with Shimano’s Canada operations. “And we applaud the joint efforts of the Muskies Canada and Muskies, Inc. organizations for their assistance”.
The donation will go to the purchase of additional acoustic radio tags that are implanted in caught-and-released muskies out of Lake St. Clair. The project provides the ability for donors to name a tagged muskie, and follow its travels at any time – similar to shark tagging programs. More than 50 muskies currently swim in Lake St. Clair, where their movements are tracked by using underwater receivers of the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System.

Muskies Canada s’associe à Wounded Warriors Canada

Muskies Canada est fier d’annoncer un nouveau partenariat avec Wounded Warriors Canada pour organiser une fin de semaine de pêche au Scotsman Point Cottage Resort, sur le lac Buckhorn.

La pêche dans les Kawarthas permettra aux vétérans malades et blessés et à leurs familles de profiter du plein air tout en pêchant le maskinongé en compagnie de pêcheurs expérimentés de Muskies Canada. De plus, l’événement offrira un environnement relaxant qui permettra aux participants d’avoir du répit, de réfléchir et de se reconnecter avec leurs collègues vétérans et les membres de leur famille.

woundedWarriorsWounded Warriors Canada est un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré dont la mission est d’honorer et de soutenir les membres des Forces armées canadiennes, les vétérans, les premiers répondants et leurs familles malades et blessés au Canada.


cropped-muskies_canada_logo.pngMuskies Canada est un organisme national sans but lucratif voué à la pêche à la ligne, à la recherche et à la conservation du maskinongé. Le maskinongé, ou maskinongé, est le principal prédateur d’eau douce au Canada et un important poisson de sport dans l’est du Canada. Les pêcheurs de Muskies Canada ont des bateaux et de l’équipement bien adaptés pour accueillir Wounded Warriors pour une excellente fin de semaine sur l’eau.

“C’est avec une grande fierté que Muskies Canada a conclu un partenariat avec Wounded Warriors Canada pour passer du temps sur l’eau avec des anciens combattants qui ont tant donné à leur pays. Ce sera non seulement un honneur de passer du temps avec ces anciens combattants, mais de leur montrer que Muskies Canada reconnaît et est reconnaissant de leurs sacrifices”, a déclaré Tyler Duncan, représentant du conseil d’administration de Muskies Canada et président de la section Upper Valley.

Le weekend Wounded Warriors Canada Fishing in the Kawarthas weekend aura lieu à Scotsman Point Resort sur le lac Buckhorn, du 25 au 28 août 2017. Vendredi soir, un rassemblement de «Meet-and-Greet» et le samedi sera une journée de pêche au Muskie où les participants seront jumellés avec des membres de Muskies Canada.

Phil Ralph, directeur des programmes nationaux pour Wounded Warriors Canada, a commenté: “Nous continuons d’être les témoins directs des avantages des programmes récréatifs qui réunissent les vétérans et leurs familles. Nous sommes fiers de nous associer à Muskies Canada et à Scotsman Point Resort pour ce qui sera un grand événement annuel offrant à nos participants un répit important et l’occasion de réfléchir et de se reconnecter.”

Scotsman Point Cottage Resort est un commanditaire / supporter de l’événement et fait don d’un logement pour les participants de Wounded Warriors Canada. “À Scotsman Point Resort, nous sommes tous très fiers et honorés de pouvoir offrir aux citoyens canadiens les plus courageux une détente et un plaisir bien mérités. Nous sommes impatients de poursuivre notre relation avec tous les partenaires impliqués dans cet événement mémorable”, a déclaré Leslie Clarkson, directrice générale de Scotsman Point Resort.

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