Muskies Canada is an angling club whose interests extend beyond the mere catching of fish…


We also share an interest in the preservation of our target species, Muskellunge, and we hope to enhance this fishery by our direct involvement in the management of the species. The projects and programs we are managing have all been designed to raise the public’s awareness of the muskellunge fishery as well as to protect it.

Muskellunge in recovery minutes after surgery.
Muskellunge in recovery a few minutes after a surgery of implantation of an acoustic and radio transmitter.

Some of our numerous other projects include: Radio Telemetry projects on two Ontario rivers, Identification Sign projects in southern and eastern Ontario, and spawning habitat protection projects throughout Ontario. We annually participate in numerous Sportsman’s shows and conduct seminars for other angling clubs and community youth organizations such as Scouts and Guides. More information on these and all of our other programs is readily available by contacting one of our National Executive Directors, or a local Chapter Chairman.

Our Goals

  • To enhance the sport fishery for muskellunge in Canada.
  • To protect and enhance the muskellunge fishery in Canada through the wise use of the muskellunge resource and participation in research projects, habitat protection and improvement projects, and scientific studies of the species
  • To support the abatement of water pollution.
  • To promote the exchange of muskie information among the angling public.

Thank you

Muskies Canada Foundation

Make a difference. Support the Canadian Muskie fishery

Now you can donate directly to the Muskies Canada Foundation. This is the fundraising arm of the Muskies Canada and is managed by the Ottawa Community Foundation. The Muskies Canada Foundation works with other charities, government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners on various initiatives involving muskellunge research, restocking and habitat enhancement and special projects like the Lake Simcoe Muskie Restoration Project.

This is the only Foundation exclusively devoted to muskie sustainability in Canada. In return for your donation of more than $20, you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Support the cause. Donate now.

Many Ways to Donate

Donate Now!You can donate to The Muskies Canada Foundation in many ways with both monetary and other assets. You can donate as an individual or a corporation. You can make a single donation or a monthly one. If you wish, donations can be made as a tribute to someone or in memoriam. The Ottawa Community Foundation will share your name and the amount of your donation with The Muskies Canada Foundation Advisor so that your gift can be appropriately acknowledged unless you prefer to give anonymously.

By Cheque

Cheques for this tax year should be postmarked no later than December 31. Cheques must be payable to the Ottawa Community Foundation, and specify “The Muskies Canada Foundation” as the beneficiary on your cheque. Cheques can be mailed to the Ottawa Community Foundation at 301-75 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1P 5E7.

Through the United Way

To learn how to donate to The Muskies Canada Foundation through the United Way, speak to your United Way canvasser and specify Ottawa Community Foundation, Muskies Canada Foundation.

Planned Giving

Support a sustainable muskie fishery for future generations through a legacy gift. There are many easy ways to leave a legacy to The Muskies Canada Foundation that will provide your estate with considerable tax credits. Simply designate The Muskies Canada Foundation as a beneficiary of one of the following:

  • Bequest in Your Will
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • RRSP or RRIF

You can also use

  • Appreciated Securities
  • Letter of Direction
  • Life Insurance Policy Transfer of Ownership
  • Charitable Trust

to accrue immediate tax relief while providing long-term benefits to The Muskies Canada Foundation.
The Muskies Canada Foundation accepts many kinds of assets. Most non-cash gifts are liquidated immediately and the proceeds transferred to the investment portfolio. You can donate gifts of public and private company securities, real estate, and other assets. When making gifts of publicly-listed securities, we recommend having your investment advisor file all forms by December 19th, and notify the Ottawa Community Foundation to ensure that final ownership of the securities is transferred by December 31.

For information contact our treasurer.


Our Chapters

Belle River
Gananoque & 1000 Islands
Kawartha Lakes
Quebec City
Saint John River
Upper Valley

Why Join?

Supporting a club that advances the goals of conservation, education and wise management is certainly something to feel good about but our members realize many great other benefits that enhance both their enjoyment of the sport and success on the water. Through Chapter Meetings, family-oriented weekend outings/events, and our Release Journal, we experience a sense of community in which novices and veterans alike share in a pool of expertise spanning decades on the world’s premier muskie waters.

The Muskies Canada community extends beyond the membership as we have long-standing associations with research biologists, resource managers and tackle producers. Muskies Canada members hear of the latest research findings and tackle innovations “from the source” and are in a unique position to provide feedback and contribute to broad based conservation and education initiatives.

Muskies Canada Members have the unique ability to work directly with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) on many OMNR Projects They also participate in the Angler Log Program providing Catch/Unit of Effort(CUE) data by recording their efforts whenever they fish for Muskellunge. The OMNR uses this data as part of their Muskellunge Management Strategy.


Each of our thirteen chapters hold monthly meetings. The format varies but typically the focus is on a guest speaker. The past year has featured presentations by research biologists, expert fishing guides, tackle company representatives and do-it-yourself lure makers. At the end of each meeting, donated tackle and other sporting items are raffled off. These meetings are informal and provide opportunities to share stories and strike up new friendships and fishing partnerships.

The Chapters also provide local muskie populations with much needed support such as educational booths at sportsman’s shows, visual spawning surveys, tagging and telemetry studies, launch ramp signs, seminars and release records that provide invaluable data to fisheries managers.

Non-members are not only welcome but are encouraged to come and check out any of our meetings. You can check times, dates, and agendas for individual chapter meetings and events from the MCI Event Calendar.

There are also members who live outside of urban areas and are unable to attend meetings. Helping to keep them “in the loop” is an exclusive Muskies Canada Members Forum.

Also another perk of membership is a discount (usually 10 percent) on some muskie tackle from many Tackle Retailers.

Community and Networking: Muskies Canada provides a platform for anglers and muskie enthusiasts to connect. Joining the organization allows you to network with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from others who have a passion for muskie fishing.

Education and Resources: Muskies Canada provides educational resources, seminars, and workshops to help members improve their muskie fishing skills. This can include tips on tactics, gear, and the latest developments in muskie research and conservation.

Conservation Efforts: Muskies Canada is highly involved in conservation initiatives aimed at preserving muskie populations and their habitats. Joining the organization means you can actively contribute to and support these efforts, helping to ensure the sustainability of muskie fisheries.

Access to Events: Muskies Canada organizes events such as tournaments, outings, and social gatherings. Joining allows you to participate in these events, enhancing your overall muskie fishing experience and providing opportunities to compete or collaborate with other anglers.

Access to Publications: Members of Muskies Canada may receive newsletters, magazines, or other publications that provide information on muskie fishing, regional updates, and conservation news. Staying informed can contribute to your success as an angler and help you stay connected to the muskie fishing community.

Advocacy: Being part of a larger organization gives you a collective voice in advocating for the interests of muskie anglers. Muskies Canada may work to represent its members in matters related to fisheries management, regulations, and other issues affecting muskie fishing.

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