Muskies Canada @ Work – About the Odyssey


The biggest Muskie event in Canada is The Odyssey. We’ve brought in some of the best speakers from the Muskie World. Over the past 20 years it’s been a great source of Muskie knowledge for everyone that made the trip. That’s one of the reasons it has that name.

It’s been a valuable gathering of the Muskie community every two years. During that time we’ve seen the explosion of the Canadian bait making scene to the point that Odyssey exhibitors showcase the best baits in the world. Since the beginning, 20 years ago, many of us have travelled to St. Catharines, and more recently to Clarington to get the chance to get stocked up for the coming season. Sometimes we braved snow and difficult driving conditions to make the trip.

In 2020 we were ready to go with our biggest Odyssey ever, and it would have been one of the best true Muskie shows in the world. We all know that just before the Odyssey, COVID locked us down and there was no show. Fortunately we were able to roll forward with our plans to April 2021. We were again booked in Clarington for a show on April 17. Again COVID has made that impossible.


This year we will be bringing you the Odyssey free of charge for everyone through social media. April 17-18 we will bring you the biggest Muskie learning event ever, anywhere. You’ll see 18 sessions and over 40 experts.

The theme is Muskies Canada @ Work. We will highlight all of Canada’s great Muskie waters, from New Brunswick to the Manitoba border. Our Muskies Canada chapters will tell you all about these Muskie systems. We will even take you behind the scenes and show you the work we do, with partners, to help sustain and enhance these world-class Muskie fisheries. You’ll learn a lot about each chapter and the challenges we work on in each region.


In many regions there is research to better understand these fragile Muskie populations and the challenges and stressors that impact them. Canada’s Muskies are WILD NOT STOCKED. The future of our Canadian Muskie fisheries depends completely on natural reproduction. We’ll look behind the scenes to look at the work Muskies Canada is doing to research and understand the devastating effects of invasive species, habitat loss, disease and handling. You’ll discover the dedication of our chapters in fighting for healthier, more sustainable Muskie populations across Canadian waters.

The Odyssey has always been our fundraiser. Muskies Canada has a special fund called The Odyssey Research Fund, which is where our fundraising goes. It’s through that account that we participate in important research, education and conservation projects that directly help our wild Muskie fisheries.

With the COVID cancellation of our planned Odyssey events over the past 2 years, the cupboard is bare. We have no money for this important work.


Muskies Canada and the industry, and especially our extraordinary baitmakers have always worked together to raise funds through the Odyssey event.

Everyone understands that Muskies Canada is a not-for-profit organization. A team of super-dedicated volunteers runs the Odyssey, unlike any other Muskie Expo. Even the speakers volunteer their time and effort to make it a great show. And finally, 100% of net proceeds go to the Odyssey fund so that we can support research, science and management for the benefit of our fragile wild Muskie Populations in Canada.


This year the generosity of the whole community has been overwhelming. We have received so many beautiful donations that we will be running the biggest live auction ever held during the Virtual Odyssey, April 17-18. Looking for a DK or Hosebait? BWB or Clarke? Toddy Tickle or a BR bait? Musky Factory or Handlebarz in-line spinners? Shimano rods and reels, Muskie Lodge stays or a “Day on the Water” with some of our top Muskie people? These are just a few of our incredible donations that will be auctioned during the event.

The net funds we raise will go to straight into Muskies Canada’s Odyssey fund ultimately going right back into the fishery.

Whether you donate something, volunteer to help the Muskies Canada @ Work event, or buy something in our incredible live auction, you are directly helping our precious Canadian Muskie fisheries.


Help us help our Muskies.
Watch and participate on April 17-19, 2021 for the biggest Muskie show ever.

We’ll be bringing all this through our national Facebook site, @MuskiesCanadaOfficial. Subscribe now!

If you can’t make it to some of these sessions, don’t worry; they’ll be available on our Muskies Canada YouTube channel. Please subscribe for all this great content and more.

Muskies Canada is your greatest source of knowledge about Muskies, science, research, management and fish biology. We can help you improve your Muskie success. Our log program provides valuable data to fisheries managers. The new Analytics function allows you to search all our Canadian Muskie Waters for population data, catch per unit of effort (CPE), average size, and even weather and moon conditions for logged Muskies.

Get involved. Watch the event. Buy something. Become a member. Support our wild Muskies. Thanks everyone for your support.