Age et croissance du masquinonge (Esox masquinongy) dans quatre lacs du Québec

Specimens were taken from two lakes where maskinonge is indigenous: Lake Saint-François (188 specimens) and Lake Saint-Louis (109 specimens), and from two others where it was introduced: Lake Saint-Joseph (44 specimens) and Lake Ouareau (12 specimens). The ages were determined from scales reading. Growth in length and in weight was identical for males and females from lakes Saint-François and Saint-Louis and there was no difference in growth observed in these same two lakes. Growth, however, was very different in lakes Saint-Joseph and Ouareau: during their 11th summer for instance, maskinonges from lakes Saint-François and Saint-Louis measured 1112 g. Our results are compared with those in the literature. mm and weighed 5669 g and those from Lake Ouareau measured 914 mm and weighed 8854 g whereas those from Lake Saint-Joseph measured 1024 mm, and weighed 10,511.