Atlas of muskellunge streams and rivers in Ontario

Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) is one of the most highly valued prized fish species in the Province of Ontario. A compilation of information in 1987 indicated that there were 302 Ontario lakes which contained muskellunge populations. Muskellunge also inhabit many streams and rivers of Ontario whoever there had never been any previous attempt to identify those waters. This exercise represented an initial effort to document Ontario streams and rivers which support muskellunge populations. Information was obtained from a variety of sources including a review of Ontario muskellunge literature and file records, a survey of MNR field staff, consolidation of information from the Cleithrum Project and the Ontario Information System (OFIS) database and personal communications with several muskellunge anglers, managers and scientists. This listing identifies 105 streams or rivers in Ontario which contain muskellunge. Waters range in sized from the Ottawa and St. Lawrence rivers to several small spawning and nursery streams. There are undoubtedly additional waters which have been missed during this compilation. The challenge for Ontario fisheries managers will be to confirm the status of the stocks listed herein and to add new waters to this listing as information becomes available.