Home range and seasonal movements of muskellunge as determined by radiotelemetry

Sixteen adult muskellunge were studied in a shallow 35 hectare lake (Nogies Creek) and a deeper, 3,725 hectare lake (Stony Lake) within the Kawartha Lakes region of central Ontario. All fish established summer and winter home range areas. Areas of 0.6 to 1.1 hectare in water less than n2.0 m deep were used by all Nogies Creek fish and the Stony Lake male. The Stony Lake female utilized a 7.2 hectare area in water of 12.5 m average depth. Some areas overlapped however there was never more than none fish in an overlap area at one time. All fish established and used home ranges when water temperatures were less than 5°C. Males again established home ranges when water temperatures exceeded15°C, however not all females established home ranges in temperatures of 15-28.5°C. All fish were absent from their home ranges in spring and fall at water temperatures of 8-15°C. Females travelled greater distances than males during summer water temperatures of 20-28.5°C.