Seasonal movement and habitat use of muskellunge in a southern Illinois reservoir

Kinkaid Lake is located in southern, Illinois, and was initially stocked with 25 Muskellunge in 1985. There is a paucity of information concerning movement and 26 habitat use in the southern portion of the Muskellunge’s expanded range. We used 27 ultrasonic telemetry to determine seasonal movement and habitat use of adult 28 Muskellunge (965 mm to 1,250 mm TL). Movement was variable among seasons and 29 individuals. The highest movement rates (>13 km wk-1) were observed during prespawn 30 (February) and summer (June) periods. When surface water temperatures exceeded 25°C 31 (mid to late summer), tagged Muskellunge were often (> 50% of the locations) located at 32 depths where dissolved oxygen concentrations were less than 3 mg L-1, and minimal 33 movement (< 1 km/week) was observed. In this study muskellunge used available habitats in a similar manner for all seasons excluding fall. Additionally, tagged muskellunge exhibited selection for specific habitats during all seasons.