Enlist your family!

From the very beginning, the constitution of Muskies Canada specifies that the family of a member of Muskies Canada is also a member.

An active member is a person, including their family: i.e. their spouse and all children less than eighteen years of age and living in the same residence or who are attending school on a full time basis;

This aspect of Muskies Canada membership has never really been put forward, so few people are aware of it. In addition, until now our member management system did not handle family membership.

This has just changed. You can now add your spouse and children as a member of Muskies Canada for free! They can now have their own access to the forum and to the members area. They will be able to enter their own logs and interact on the Muskies Canad forums.

To add a family member, you must login in the Members Area and select Add a family member.

From there complete the registration and it’s done. The registration will be immediately placed has pending review and our membership director will activate it after making some due diligence.

Note that family members will expire at the same time as the main member regardless of their registration date.

It’s up to you to take advantage of it and make Muskies Canada grow!

Pierre Masson

Web Director Muskies Canada