Annual Kawartha Classic

2021-09-18 all day
Scotsman Point Resort
Annual Kawartha Classic @ Scotsman Point Resort


Date:  Saturday, 18 September 2021

Time:  6:00am to 10:00 P.M.

Location:  Scotsman Point Resort and Any Kawartha Lake in FMZ 17 connected to the Trent–Severn Waterway

Registration :OPEN Registration fee $30 etransfer to (PLEASE ENSURE NAME OF PARTICIPANTS IN THE NOTES OF ETRANSFER) and waiver deadline is Sept 16th, 2021


Launch from any ramp within boundaries

All Provincial fishing regulations apply

Guests are welcome; however, they must fish with an MCI member.

All Muskies caught should be entered – length must be submitted; pictures are required (secret word supplied to contact email Friday evening prior).  A girth measurement is not required; however, please note: for the Swan Moving Trophy, in the case of a tie for length of the largest fish, the girth measurement will be used to determine the winner … so if you catch a fatty, take a girth measurement please.

Entry submissions must be sent by 11:59pm Sept 18th, 2021 via email or text (contact info will be supplied with secret word for the day) Your email supplied in the waiver will be used for contact.

Winners List will be published No Later Than Sept 27th, 2021 and emailed to all participants

Awards & Draws

Swan Moving Trophy for the Biggest fish landed by an MCI Member (Guests are not eligible for this award)

Large quality prize table via random draw (more info to come)

Separate prize draw for registered event guests staying at Scotsman Point Resort

ALL registrations will be eligible for our door prize draws, St Croix Musky Mojo,  Rod,Mortimer Kirby and Dadson Blade!

Winners will receive awards and draw prizes through MCI Express (i.e. we’ll deliver ‘em to you…eventually), pre-arranged pickup or prepaid shipping.


All participants must fill the Waiver Form – CLICK HERE.