Crystal Cup Challenge 2022

2022-10-01 @ 07:00 – 16:00
Le club de golf La Cité
850 McGill St
ON K6A 1R4
Crystal Cup Challenge 2022 @ Le club de golf La Cité
The Crystal Cup Challenge is back!
Fishing is from 7 AM until 4 PM. Dinner will be held after that at the

Boat Launchs

But be sure to print this and put it on your dash otherwise you’ll get a ticket. 
You can launch elsewhere if you want.
Fishing Licences
Both Quebec or Ontario fishing licences are valid for this river section.
Prize Table

Registration Fee

Register before Monday September 26 @ 9pm for 50$ and get the chance to win a Fenwick Elite Tech Muskie Trolling rod! 

After that, registration will be 60$ till Thursday September 29 at 9pm.

Kids 15 and less is 40$.

  •  Non members must fish with a Muskies Canada member in good standing.
  • All anglers must buy a ticket.
  • All participants must fill the Insurance waiver form.
  • Fishing is from 7 AM until 4 PM on Ottawa River between Carillion Dam and Gatineau
  • MCI member who catches the longest fish wins the Swan Trophy
  • The Crystal Cup goes to the chapter that his representing members and guests caught the biggest total length of 2 muskies.
  •  Fish must be register at the restaurant or by email at before 5:00pm
  • For a fish registration to be valid you must:
    • Have a picture of you and the fish or you releasing the fish with the secret word in the picture.
    • Have a picture of the fish where we see the measurement with the secret word in the picture.
    • The secret word will be post here and on our social media the night before. You can make a cardboard sign with the word on it and place it next to the fish, or write the word on the back of your hand with a sharpie.
    • If the registration is done by email, please mention the name of the angler who caught it and the measurement of the fish.
Buy your Ticket Now!
If you’re not a Muskies Canada member please enter the name of the in good standing member that you are going to fish with in the field labeled “Membre MCI (si non membre)”. If you are a member, leave this field blank.

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