1. How is the new  Muskies Canada website structured?
    Public pages

    Registration form




    Resources files

    Release Journal

    Control Panel


    Fishing Logs

    Log stats

    Mailing tools

  2. How do I logon?
    There are 2 ways to connect.
    1) Via the main website www.muskiescanada.ca/login.
    From there you will be automatically identified in the Members Area also by using this link: http://members.muskiescanada.ca/login?u=.
    2) Via the members area http: //members.muskiescanada.ca/login.
    However, if you go through here to connect you will have to log in again to access the forum and other private pages of the main site.For both connections, your username and password are the same.
  3. Do my username and password work for the members area and the forum?
    Yes. However, if you forget your password, be sure to use the password reset features from the Members Area to ensure that your two passwords are synchronized.
  4. I forgot my password! What should I do?
    Reset your password from the Members Area.
  5. How do I exclude my name from fishing log rankings?
    Sign in to the Members Area, go to your profile, in the “Fisherman Profile” tab, uncheck the box “Include me in fishing log rankings”.