Lure Love

Love – the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration

I didn’t want to admit it, but I’m in love and it’s affecting my game.  It happens to all of us whether we want to admit it or not.  I can’t stay away from that lure for very long and it shows up in all of my big muskie dreams !

I caught my PB on this lure late last year and I guess that’s when it happened.  Did I  fall in love with it because I had spent so much time thinking about catching a big fish on a top water?  Was the attraction just a result of that adrenaline high you get when you put a big fish in the boat?   It just sounds and moves soooo good that I can’t stay away.

Affairs of the heart are a mystery to me  and I don’t have an answer for the fatal attraction.  I do know that I have a rod in the boat that always has that lure on it.  It’s the first lure I try, no matter what the location or conditions.  I continue to throw that lure well beyond the time when I should be changing things up.  When I’m not throwing it, I worry that I should be throwing it.   When my boat partner is chucking it – I’m jealous.

After considering my options for trolling this top water, I decided that I needed to re-visit my relationship and god forbid – decide to try a trial separation!

Last time out I spent some time casting blades and had some moderate success.  Thoughts did creep in – that muskie that missed the blades would have been hooked up if I had been using “her”.  I tried to ignore those thoughts and stick with the separation, telling myself that it was me, not her (just in case I need to go back to her later).

I’ll stick it out and hopefully put a big fish in the boat during the separation.  Just in case,  I ordered two more of the same lure.  I picked different patterns in case the separation created some bad Karma with the original pattern.

This is normal right ….




Mike Mitchell