Public Release Program

Description and Goals

Muskies Canada works very hard to raise awareness and educate the public about Muskellunge conservation and the benefits of practicing Catch and Release. The Muskies Canada Public Release Program recognizes members of the public that release the Muskies they catch.

The Public Release Program honors anglers that demonstrate a strong commitment towards conservation by awarding a Certificate of Appreciation and a Release Award Decal for a successful Catch & Release of a Muskellunge 36 inches or longer.

Why Should You Release Your Muskie?

  • It takes almost 7 years for a Muskellunge to reach maturity and be able to spawn. In most waters this occurs when the fish is approximately 40″.
  • It can take more than 20 years for a Muskie to grow to 50″.
  • Large fish produce more eggs per spawn.
  • Releasing the Muskie you catch allows the fish to spawn again and supports the wild Muskie population.
  • Fibreglass Replica mounts can be made of your catch using a few good pictures and accurate length and girth measurements. Replica mounts allow you to release the fish and have an exact copy to hang on the wall that will last a lifetime.

Requirements To Qualify

The Public Release Program is available to all members of the public with a valid fishing license.

Muskellunge must be caught and released during the proper open season.

  • Muskellunge must be 36″ or longer.
  • A photo of the fish (preferably a release picture) must be provided.
  • A short description of your catch and release is optional.
  • Send it to us by email at

Catching and releasing a Muskie is a significant angling achievement and should be rewarded. Would you like to have a personalised Certificate of Appreciation from Muskies Canada acknowledging your achievement?

Public Release Program Links

  • Email Muskies Canada National Education Director
  • Muskies 101
  • Know The Difference
  • Contact your local Ministry to verify open season for Muskie in your region