The Release Journal is back!

Muskies Canada is very proud to announce the return of the Release Journal!

Over the years the Release Journal has evolved from a typed newsletter of a few pages to a professional quality magazine that has become the go-to for muskellunge fishing enthusiasts.

Producing such a publication required a lot of effort from one or two volunteers, so we had to take a step back to find a better solution to produce the same quality content, but more efficiently.

So there you have it, like the phoenix, the Release Journal has risen from the ashes today thanks to the colossal work of our editor Rob Dykens and his team. We must also mention the excellent work of Dave Cunningham and the Release Journal committee who retought the production of the magazine in order to ensure its continuity.

The content of the 2022 fall edition of the Release journal is once again very diverse. Ranging from research to fishing techniques, everyone will find something entertaining.

The Release Journal is available to all Muskies Canada members. To subscribe to the magazine, all you have to do is become a member! Plus, you’ll have access to the magazine’s archives dating back to 1979!

Pierre Masson

Web Director Muskies Canada