Welcome to the Toronto Chapters web page, my name is Brooke Skibinski and I am the 2024 Toronto Chapter Chairman of Muskies Canada. Muskies Canada has been a leader in the conservation of Muskies and the waters they inhabit since the late 1970’s. As a club working together with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, many important initiatives have had a direct and entirely positive effect on the angling efforts of all people who angle for Muskie. Catch and release, a concept originally promoted by MCI and one that at the time was met with great resistance, has now brought anglers increased numbers of fish and larger fish. It is with the ever important angler log program that Muskie populations can be monitored and maintained. Other past initiatives like the Lake Simcoe Muskie Restoration Project have shown some early success and are sure to enhance our understanding of the species and the aquatic environments necessary to a successful and self sustaining population of Muskie in not only Lake Simcoe but within other lakes as well. These and the many other ongoing and past important projects undertaken by MCI are at the heart of the club and will continue to result in more and better angling opportunities for future generations of Muskie hunters. As the founding chapter of Muskies Canada we are excited about this year’s line up of meetings, speakers and activities. We plan to have a varied line up of guest speakers from Ministry personnel, professional guides, industry professionals to seasoned anglers who can provide in depth fishing tactics on specific bodies of water. There will sure to be something for every member regardless of experience.

Please check back with this page regularly for updates on chapter events, guest speakers and meeting updates.
Best of luck for the 2024 season,

Brooke Skibinski

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Toronto Chapter meetings are generally on the first Wednesday 8pm every month but may differ from time to time, please check the chapter forum page to confirm. There are no meetings in July and August unless otherwise stated. Meeting dates and notifications will be posted on the Chapter forum page, facebook and active members will be emailed.

Willie Stouts Bar and Grill (back room)
2175 Sheppard Ave East.

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