Ugly Pike Beer

Muskies Canada is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Ugly Pike Brewing Co. that advances the interests of both organizations! The goal is for both parties to work together and advance the health – today and in the future – of our fishing ecosystems. This will be accomplished through increased support of Canadian Science, Research and Education.

For both entities, this partnership made all the sense in the world. Muskies Canada has designated Ugly Pike Pilsner “The Official Beer of Muskies Canada”. Ugly Pike is a new, clean, crisp Pilsener that will be available at your local LCBO. More details on availability will follow shortly. In return, Ugly Pike will provide featured access to the Ugly Pike Podcast and donate a portion of the sales of Ugly Pike Pilsner to MCI wildlife research and conservation projects.

As anglers, it’s important that we take seriously our role as stewards of our great waterways and fisheries. This partnership will bring attention to critical outdoor initiatives, and the collaborative efforts of both organizations will make a real difference in the results that we can achieve.

For Muskies Canada, this partnership serves as an acknowledgement that we work and play in a different world than our brothers who started Muskies Canada. It’s a world with bigger, more complicated challenges, but communication and marketing tools that make it quicker, easier and more effective for us to connect people and spread our message. Our success will be accelerated through the working relationships that we can build with others who have common interests.

We are excited to announce this first Partnership with Ugly Pike, and we look forward to creating more relationships that extend our reach and capabilities. Make Ugly Pike the Official Beer of your Backyard … or basement bar … or cottage, and help protect our Muskie Fisheries.

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