Upper Valley Classic Virtual Outing 2021

The Upper Valley Chapter invites you to the Upper Valley Classic 2021 Virtual Outing!

  • When: June 26, 2021 at 6:00 am to July 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm
  • Where: Ottawa River (the entire stretch) / Madawaska Head Pond / Black Bay (Where the Baron River and the Petawawa river meet).
  • Registrants will be able to fish any of the three bodies of water and use any boat launch they wish. The outing will be open on the entire stretch of the mighty Ottawa River, from Mattawa ON  to the Hawkesbury ON stretch. That’s over 380 km of Ottawa River!
  • Cost: 30$ per angler. Muskie Canada member guest are welcome to participate with a MCI member.  All registrants will be entered in a door prize.
  • Unfortunately because of Covid 19 pandemic, there will be no specific Meet & Greet night, nor will there be a hosted dinner at the end of the event.  For this reason we have decided to make our event a week long event, to allow for maximum participation and to minimize angler travel to one specific area.
  • If you can not fish the weekend, no problem you have all week to catch your monster trophy!
  • Our Chapter would like to thank all of Muskies Canada members for their continued support and dedication to this valuable natural muskellunge fishery. We would like to also thank all the hard working Bait makers for their innovative and skilled work in producing some of the worlds best Muskie Baits!
  • Registration now open!!.

How to Register for outing:

  1. Send $30 etransfer touppervalleymusky@hotmail.com  
  2. Give your full Name and Muskie Canada membership Number in the comments section of the etransfer..
  3. If you are a guest please indicate that you are a guest and with which MCI member you are fishing with in the comments section of the etransfer.
  4. Once you have registered please fill in the insurance waiver found below on this page.
  5. On the evening of June 25, 2021 the secret word to be used with all fish photos will be posted on this Upper Valley Page.  You will need to have this word in all fish photos being entered in the outing contest. Failure to have this word shown in the picture will not qualify your catch.
  6. Once the secret word is posted, there will be no more registration accepted  for the outing. Registration will close by June 25, 2021 at 3 pm.
  7. Outing Starts on Saturday June 26 , 2021 at 06:00 hrs. and ends on July 3rd at 6 pm.

Advance Registration, your Muskie Canada membership number and insurance waiver will be required no later than June 25, 2021 by 3 pm and submitted to: uppervalleymusky@hotmail.com  

Insurance Waiver form:

Please complete the insurance waiver form after registration.

Rules for Outing

  • You may Launch your boat from any boat launch within the boundary waters. (Ottawa River from Mattawa to the east side of the town of Hawkesbury ON. – The Madawaska Head Pond,  as far up as navigable without taking your boat out of the water, and Black bay where the Petawawa River and the Baron River join.)
  • All Provincial fishing regulations apply.
  • Guests (Non MCI members) are welcome; however they must be registered and must fish with an MCI member.
  • Guests are NOT eligible for the Swan Trophy, but they are eligible for door prize if registered and to enter draws for Prize table.
  • All muskies caught should be entered – the length must be submitted;  photograph is required . Send your fish photograph with your name to this email/same as prize table :  mciuppervalleyprizetable@gmail.com   (The secret word to be in the photo will be posted on this page on the evening of June 25, 2021. at approx 9pm) Please make sure that photo is clear with a picture showing the entire fish on your bump board.
  • A girth measurement is not required; however please note that in case of a tie in length measurement, the girth measurement will be used to determine the winner…..If you catch a Big one, take the girth measurement please .
  • Winners list will be published no later than July 4th 2021 and emailed to all registrants

Awards & Prize Table Draws

Because of Covid 19, and the fact that we can not gather in large groups,   our Prize table will be done by means of a draw. The draw will be at $10 per spot/ticket spot, and you may purchase unlimited spots.

Prizes will be done by raffle and a list will soon be posted on this webpage.

Our Prize table continues to grow daily,  so here is a sneak preview of some of the prizes: Thursty Lures, Lawrence Muskie Lures, Sappetizer Baits, Sam Hill’s Spinner Baits, Supernatural Big Baits,  The Captain’s Bait Box, Rover Baits, Lawrence Bendadi’s baits, Mister Muskie Lures, Franky Baits, Scotsman’s Point Resort package, BL Custom Muskie Lures, Hose Bait, Jager Baits , and more to follow….

Prizes will be listed on this page shortly and numbered for draw purposes…stay tuned…

Swan Moving Trophy for the biggest fish landed by a MCI Member only. Guest are not eligible for this award.

Door Prize draw: To be determined…stay tuned

Winners will receive awards and draw prizes through MCI Pony express (ie. we will deliver them to you….as quickly as possible), pre-arranged pick up or prepaid shipping.

Prize table is now open to purchase spots/ticket!

You can buy as many spots as you wish.

Send $10 per spot, unlimited spots,  to the following email to enter prize :


***Special on Spots purchase***

$10 per spot, Purchase of 5 spots at $50 gets you 6 spots, Purchase of 10 Spots gets you 15 spots!***

For those who have already purchased spots the above special will be applied.

Please make sure to put your name in the comments when sending out etransfers for the prize table so we know who you are.

Kind Regards,

Jaime Sebastian


Upper Valley Chapter