Upper Valley

MCI Upper Valley Prize Table is closed as of 3 pm as previously stated.

The prizes and winners will be posted hopefuly by 6 pm, it is being worked on now. The Outing for best fish closes at 6 pm, so please , if you have a fish pic you wish to enter, please send it now. If you are a registered guest in the outing, please send your pic, regardless of size of fish, you could also be a winner. Please send the pic with your name and state you are a guest!

The prizes will be won via Random.Org

Here is a list of the Prizes . If your name corresponds with the number, this is the bait you have one.

Winners please send your full name, mailing address, and telephone number to : mciuppervalleyprizetable@gmail.com

If you reside in the Ottawa area, we will deliver the bait to you, or via MCI pony express.


  1. Frank bait (Black Perch)
  2. HoseDaddy (Black Perch)
  3. Thursty Lure (St Lawrence Perch)
  4. Sappetizer Bait ( Georgian Bay River Minnow)
  5. Supernatural Big Bait Mattlock
  6. BuckHornBait
  7. Bailey Lambert Jointed Muskie
  8. Lawrence Muskie Lure 6″Walleye

9.Lawrence Muskie Lure 9″Black Perch

10.Jager River Pig Spinner Bait 8 oz

  1. Riverratt Spinner Bait (Blk & Silver)
  2. Riverratt Spinner Bait (Brn & Gold)
  3. Capts Bait Box ( Sukarn in-line Spinner & Perch Glide Bait)

14.Sledge Hammer 9″Walleye

  1. Mister Muskie Lures ( Slimmer & Jointed Slimmer)
  2. Rover Bait & Jager Baits Shackle
  3. Waterwolf Ratzilla Magnum & Jager Baits Shackle
  4. Waterwolf Ratzilla Blk Perch & Jager Baits Shackle
  5. Free Gift Certificate for 2-4 people in a Deluxe Cottage at Scotsman Point

The Outing winner , for largest fish caught will receive the one and only Mike Swan Moving Trophy along with a Jager Spinner bait.

The Door Prize winner (For all those who registered) will receive a Waterwolf Magnum Shadzilla (Firetiger) & a Jager Baits Shackle.

The Non Member guest who enters the largest fish will receive a Waterwolf Ratzilla 9oz Ruguen Destroyer

Stay tuned for the winners.

A big shout out thank you to all the Bait Makers who have graciously contributed to this week long event, and to all those who participated. We wish you all a great season of muskie fishing!

Upcoming Meetings and Events

To all registrants in the Upper Valley Outing the secret word which must appear in all photos submitted during the outing is :  MCUV21

Please ensure that this word is submitted on your bump board with the fish picture sent in.

Send your picture of your catch to : mciuppervalleyprizetable@gmail.com

The Upper Valley Chapter wishes to thank all persons who have participated in this event. Good luck to everyone in the outing!

For outing information please click  the below link:

Upper Valley Classic Virtual Outing: June 26-July 3, 2021


G’Day from the Upper Valley, Established in January 2006, the Upper Valley Chapter is based in the Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario, with membership stretching from Arnprior through to Petawawa.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic of Covid 19, we are not hosting in person meetings. All of our meetings are being conducted on line via Zoom. We are having one monthly meeting.

With the world-class fishery of the Ottawa River and its many tributaries at our doorstep, there are a variety of opportunities for both the novice and seasoned muskie angler. We have a wealth of local muskie enthusiasts from near and far which makes our meetings informative, educational, and always entertaining.

Our chapter is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the local sport Muskie fishery, with an emphasis on public education and sharing of knowledge and ideas. We are strong believers in catch photo and release, If you have any questions on the Upper Valley chapter , feel free to contact via email Jaime Sebastian our A/Chairperson at   fishwithjaime@gmail.com

Hope to see you all this season and at our Chapter outing…see below noted link.

Meeting Location ( When Covid 19 pandemic is lifted)

Petawawa Legion
3583 Petawawa Blvd, Petawawa ON