(English) The Muskies Inc. log database: 370,000 muskellunge and growing

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One of the most notable accomplishments of Muskies Inc. relates to the establishment of the Lunge Log database in 1970. As of March 2016, there have been more than 370,000 muskellunge entered into the Lung Log by Muskies Inc. members. The number of Lung Log entries has grown from 58 muskellunge reported in 1970 was 31% released. To an average of about 15,000 reported per year for the past decade, with more than 99.9% released. The annual release rate has been greater than 99% since 1993. One of the most exciting trends documented by the Lunge Log is that Muskies Inc. members have reported increasing numbers of 50 inch muskellunge over the past 20 years and, since 1997, more than 95% of those big fish have been released. In 2014 and 2015, the release rate for muskellunge > 50 inches was 100%. The release of more than 370,000 muskellunge, documented by the Lung Log, is the most important contribution Muskies Inc. members have made to protect muskellunge fisheries in North America