Effective Release Techniques for Muskellunge – 1999


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1999. Effective Release Techniques for Muskellunge – 1999. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Peterborough, Ontario.

The muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) or muskie as it is commonly known, is a fast growing predator and highly prized torophy fish.  The muskie is closely related to the northern pike (Esox lucius) which leads some inexperienced anglers to mistake the two since their shapes are nearly identical.

Colouration is probably the easiest way to separate the species.  The colour of the muskie is variable, ranging from silver-green to dark brown, but is consistent with dark markings on a light background.  In contrast, the northern pike has light markings on a dark background.  Muskies have a pointed tail and angular fins: the pike’s tail and fins are rounded.  Musies have more scales on their cheeks and more sub-mandibular pors than pike.

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OMNR_Effective Release Techniques for Muskellunge_1999